What We Do

The partners at Klafter Olsen & Lesser LLP founded their firm to bring the highest level of representation to contingency fee litigation to vindicate the rights of workers, shareholders, creditors and consumers. Together, the partners in the firm have obtained well in excess of $1 billion in recoveries for clients – be they businesses, shareholders, consumers, workers, tort victims or companies in bankruptcy who had claims for breach of duty against former officers and directors.

KOL Reaches Proposed Settlement on Behalf of Former Common Shareholders of Living Independently Group, Inc.
KOL Reaches Proposed Settlement on Behalf of Former Unitholders of the IMH Secured Loan Fund
KOL Settles Major Breach of Duty Case on Behalf of Bankrupt Superior Offshore International, Inc.

Klafter Olsen and Lesser LLP Files Nation’s First Hoverboard Suit – Sues Over Hoverboard Fires

On December 10, 2015, Klafter Olsen and Lesser LLP, along with co-counsel brought suit on behalf of Michael Brown, whose Swagway hoverboard burst into flames[click here]